WTP is a small, independent press specializing in pushing the envelope. The object of WTP is to find, publish and disseminate the most radically “new” literature/poetry/art of the day. Submit your visual and concrete poetry, art, photography, collage, asemic writing, blackout poetry, conceptual writing, flarf, found poetry, spam lit, flash fiction, mail art, typewriter art, computer/digital art, etc. Genres are unimportant to WTP.   Scratch that. WTP is dedicated to eradicating genres altogether. Intermedia is the preferred artistic inclination, but even this is up for debate. There are no sacred cows in the WTP universe.  We are in a constant state of flux and deliberation.

WTP does not advocate, and indeed actively shuns, the formation of elite, exclusivist literary/art movements. That’s a mouthful, but basically means rigidity=bad. Even some so-called experimentalists prefer and promote an exclusionary ethic over openness.  Here at WTP, we hope to be as open as possible.  But, remember, no one is perfect!

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.”–Bakunin

Submissions are on a rolling  basis.  Manuscripts should be in .doc/.docx/.rft.

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